New Build

2017-02-05 11:50:47 PST

I finally spent some time cleaning up the giant makefile that generates this site. In the process, I migrated from Pandoc to cmark and avoided having a hundred megs of dependencies just to parse some markdown. Results should be similar for the most part, but there's no more ToCs and links to page sections don't work anymore.

The upshot is I'm now closer to dumping everything in a public repo somewhere, fixing the idiosyncratic site navigation, or maybe even upating the content more regularly.

No News

2015-08-19 07:10:32 PDT

No news is good news.

Sericata Down

2015-02-01 07:52:52 PST

After less than four months, I have turned off my dogecoin faucet.

Since almost nobody donated to the public address (expected) and the site I bought doge from went offline (less expected), the faucet had been dry for weeks.

On the bright side, I now have a few hundred extra megs of free RAM on my super-cheap VPS.

Markov Update

2015-01-04 17:09:33 PST

The Markov Server has been upgraded with permalink functionality, and I've added a quick explanation to the Markov Chain page.


2014-09-21 17:49:17 PDT

My cryptocurrency faucet (Sericata) is now running (in Doge-mode) at

Hopefully I'll have a write-up about why that's interesting soon.

Mobile Polysweeper

2014-07-21 21:38:11 PDT

Polysweeper now has better mobile support: tapping and holding will behave like a right-click, finally allowing phones to flag mines.

First Bug

2014-07-15 12:12:18 PDT

First bug in the site, found and fixed: these news posts have timestamps added from the file modification time, which would be great if git preserved modification times. It does not, but it didn't take long to find a solution to add to the make recipe.


2014-07-15 10:07:27 PDT

Ok, I'm flipping the switch and making this live.

Hello, world!


2014-07-15 09:59:12 PDT

Phil Karlton once said, "There are only two hard problems in Computer Science: cache invalidation and naming things."

I just resolved an issue with naming different parts of this site (and still having things work correctly), so hopefully things go up sooner rather than later.

IPython Notebooks

2014-07-13 15:36:09 PDT

I finally got around to writing a script that can manually fixup the HTML generated by IPython's nbconvert command, so I'll be adding some of my notebooks to this site soon.

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